Integrated Notifications Center

Apparently this issue had been reported 5 days ago re:

but it seems there has either been no response or action towards fixing the error. I should have been more vigilant before trying to update as my notification is now broken. I can’t re-enable notifications and all previous notifications are no more listed.

Awesome! Thank you Frappe!

you are a brave soul if updating the production environment
wouldn’t it be wiser to clone it and update the clone?

@auliabismar well i did not have any inclination that this was not production-ready. If i had known i would not have pushed the update to my production instance. Moreover, there were other fixes with the update which i needed in my production environment so you could say i had no choice since i could not have been able to pick and choose which update to install.

Notification is completely broken now for me but at least my instance works. I just hope the developers of the new feature will look at the issue and try to fix it.

Hi @flexy2ky

I’m not sure why exactly you’re experiencing that issue. I also had to do a restart and everything’s fine… including notifications

Please try the following:

bench --site your-site-name migrate
bench update --patch

After running those 2 commands, check if the issue persists

Kind regards,

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flexy2ky probably refers to this Error: No module named Expense Claim Request

एक न.:relaxed::ok_hand:
Thank you !

A test environment with prod data is a best practice that makes proactive sense here. To simply update production, business risks facing and must react to possible devastating consequences no!?

Hi @wale

i tried your suggestions and it seemed not to have fixed the issue so i figured i had one more process to try so i ran sudo bench build and restarted the server afterwards and it fixed the problem. My guess is the frappe and erpnext asset rebuild process broke the last time hence the error

@clarkej it’s possible that this issue is tied to that one. My investigations revealed that when i created the custom notification for Expense Claim, i checked “Is Standard” and that created an file. However, this file referenced a non-existent Expense Claim module and that caused the Expense Claim Request to break. Deleting the files, custom email alert and running bench migrate and then bench build fixed that issue as well.

Lesson Learnt: Never assume that every feature in ERPNext is failure-proof
Never take for granted the possibility that your production environment might be
broken by a verified PR or New Feature
Most Importantly: Always test every newly released update on a test server with a mirror of your
production server and verify everything is well before pulling any update.


this is the best approach to use

So then deleting all the .pyc’s resolved these correct?

…And the troublesome custom alert, yes. Of course i needed to run bench build.

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Beautifuless new function…thank you!
But is possible to disable this notification (usually when user do a login)?

Sys Admin shared a document User “Name Surname” with you

I like the configurability of this new function.

But why are open documents by default always collapsed? There are many users who have used the badge to quickly navigate to other relevant documents. This was click badge - click on doctype (2 clicks), now it is click on notification center, click to expand open documents, click on doctype (3 clicks). I know it seems like this is only one click, but 100 times one additinal click per day is just not efficient.

Why not have open documents always expanded? Or have configurable what is expanded? When I click enabled → unchecked, there is actually no impact…

Is this really stable? I believe this should rather be in a testing branch…

@prssannad Okay, so the new notification Center breaks all default Email Alerts configured. For instance, instead of a new user receiving the “Welcome to Company Name” Email Notification, what they receive is

Subject: Administrator shared a document User User Name with you

This is not good. While the effort to consolidate notification is good, defaulting all standard email alerts to this essentially renders customized notifications useless. Please this should be reversed.

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Thanks for sharing, @flexy2ky. Wow, this is highly critical! How can a new breaking feature be introduced yet again in a minor (actually only bugfix) version release? Fully agree on reverting this, classical email alerts are in place in so many cases, reinventing this is a huge hurdle for companies using ERPNext…

Please, put new features into a testing branch…

Noticed this as well. I’ve got about more than a hundred “New Document Shared” emails.

This new notification system needs more polishing :slight_smile:

@flexy2ky @lasalesi , It doesn’t break default Email Alerts configured; the user still receives the Welcome email.
I’ve created a PR that prevents the sending of “Subject: Administrator shared a document User User Name with you” email though, thanks for pointing it out :+1:
As a workaround for now you can disable email notifications for Document Share from Notification Settings (Default email alerts configured will still be received).

How come the Leave Application etc are all the way in the bottom, hidden (collapsed), and does not ring a bell in the notification system :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@prssannad Nope, did not work. I unchecked the Shared document alert, created a new user and yes, user received the standard welcome email, accompanied by 3 document shared alerts.