Integrating payment gateways in ERPNext

Hi Team,

We are working on integrating payment gateways in ERPNext.

If any community member has already worked on something similar, we would be happy to collaborate.

Sambhaji Kolate


Here! Happy to help.

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I am interested to work on this as well

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@gio @amicheals
Thanks for your comment.
I think paypal integration will be available soon.
check this repository GitHub - frappe/paypal_integration: Paypal API Integrations

However we still need help for Quick-book Integration with ERPNext.
Please check this post.

First of all I’d like to say, I absolutely LOVE your software. I looked day and night for a viable solution, none could compare to ERPNext!

As I’m setting this up I’m sure I’ll have more questions but for now, I’m trying to setup a payment gateway.

I noticed this thread is a year old, I was wondering what has been integrated so far. Specifically, I love the Stripe payment gateway, does anyone know if this has been integrated?