Inter company stock transfer

whether inter-company transactions would be possible on the same site?

Yes, its possible if you have setup more than one company in same site.

Thank you for your reply,how can i transfer stock between these two companies ?can you guide me

Steps for Inter company transaction:

  1. Create Customer named as Company (e.g. Company A), check Is Internal Customer option and select appropriate company (e.g. Company A). Add company under Allowed To Transact With
  2. Create Supplier named as Company (e.g. Company B), check Is Internal Customer option and select appropriate company (e.g. Company B). Add company under Allowed To Transact With
  3. Create Sales Invoice using customer created as above (e.g. Company A) : System will automatically show Inter Company Invoice option under Create after submission.
  4. When you click on Inter Company Invoice option system will go to Purchase Invoice with all required details. From here you can create Purchase Invoice and Submit it.
  5. Both Sales and Purchase Invoice documents are having inter document reference which you can see in Inter Company Invoice Reference field.

Hope this will help you.


The Stock Transfer tool is coming soon.

Please let me know your views on the below solutiion:

Here is a tool that can prepare intercompany JVs with a single click.


Can you help me?
Company A - Default Currency - MMK
Company B - Default Currency - MMK
is this possible to Make billing currency of Internal Customer / Supplier in - USD

When I try to make this case, I got message like that “Company currencies of both the companies should match for Inter Company Transactions.”

Are these companies in different Countries ?
Why do you want to make account currency in USD ?
Did you select mutil-currency option in JV ?

other work aournd:

  1. Create Related Party Account - A in USD currency under company B
  2. While making JV under company B, select related party account of company A and select multi-currency option.

This way you can make account in different currency.

Hope this will help.