Introducing POS Awesome V2

when I use the pos awesome app I cant add a coupon code.please, does anyone, know how to add a coupon code in pos awesome.
thank you.

Hi @sandrathomas @youssef , Is there any solution of it? I have the same problem with coupons, I have created some offer and coupon, but when I went to POS awesome interface, I couldn’t find any offer or coupon. I “ignore pricing rules” as is in the configuration docs.

you can refer to this
i hope its help you.

Hello there,
In Pos Awesome, I need to make a discount on the grand total, but I need it to be like a list of named discounts [i.e discount 10%] and When chosen it discounts the total by 10% of the amount.
Any ideas for that to solve ?!

Hi Omar.
You can make diferents Pos Offer based on Transaction.
(one for each discount % as you need).
Qualifying Transaction/Item: Transaction
Promo Type: Total
And use Min Qty: 1 or Min Amount: 0.01 as filter for condition so it can be applied to each sale.
Don´t forget uncheck Auto Aplly.

When it is ready, the cashier can see as Offer available for every sale, the list of discount you had created and chosse the rigth one.


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what are the detail instruction to update pos awesome to a never version?
Does it require to uninstall and re-run?
Will it delete anything from uninstalling from previous versions?

You can use the normal Erpnext update method by using bench update

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oh so bench update updates also all apps installed (pos awesome, healthcare, payments, …) and not just erpnext itself?

Updates every app that’s installed.

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