Introducing Print Designer : A brand new way of designing print formats 🖨️

Now you can effortlessly customize and design stunning print formats. The app combines an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to create professional-quality print layouts. :receipt:

From invoices and purchase orders to delivery notes and more, the possibilities are endless! :rocket:

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Print Designer

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Which frappe version are supported ?

Got the below error :frowning:

How can i download all the dependencies for the App. I got an error for “pinia” before this.

✘ [ERROR] Could not resolve "@vue/composition-api/dist/vue-composition-api.mjs"

      2 │ import VueCompositionAPI, { getCurrentInstance } from '@vue/composition-api/dist/vue-composition-api.mjs'
        ╵                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Currently, It is available on develop branch for testing. It will be compatible with v15 and onwards.
reason behind this is because some of the key libraries used to create this app is not available in the v14 of frappe framework.


Does it have split page verticaly functionality. That is something we use on most prints to save paper. And rn it can only be achieved with custom HTML print format.

getting same error while installing print designer

make sure you are not on v14 you need to be on develop/v15 to install print designer.

If you still face the issue please raise Github Issue : Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Switched to develop branch and installed.


Now I am getting blank screen.

You have POS Awesome v14 installed which must be causing error you have to remove it. also share the error that you are getting.

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After visiting URL, I am creating new format

and then its shows blank screen.

open browser console and share the error by raising issue on GitHub : Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Thank you very much! I use Frappe Cloud, installed the App, but could not find it. Does it still take some time or am I doing something wrong?


It should have worked. I have seen that If you restore a site sometimes it doesn’t install the new apps properly you can remove and add the app again and run site migrate if you still face the issue.


Yes - working now. You are a hero! ERPN is getting really nice.

Dear @Harry and @maharshivpatel i am facing the same issue face by Harry. i run the following Command to Remove the site and Reinstall and Run migrate . but i am still facing the same issue. My detail of install is bellow in image…

i run This codes…
1. bench --site print-designer.test uninstall-app print_designer
2. bench remove-app print_designer
3. bench get-app GitHub - frappe/print_designer: Visual print designer for Frappe / ERPNext
4. bench --site print-designer.test install-app print_designer
5. bench --site print-designer.test migrate
6. bench restart

Please Share your input and correct me where is i am wrong.
Screenshot from 2023-09-13 22-30-03
strong text

It is quite hard to guess from the given information.

maybe installation wasn’t successful for some reason.

can you share output of bench --site print-designer.test install-app print_designer and bench --site print-designer.test migrate

please raise Github Issue and share output.

Thank For Reply…

This is my installation detail…

looks like you are using production environment and supervisor didn’t restart for some reason can you manually run sudo service supervisor restart

Sir i am using Development environment. when i start my erpnext run Bench start. show the msg in attached image. This is not a development environment.?

supervisor service install & again reinstall and migrate but still show same error…

Screenshot from 2023-09-13 22-28-33