Is ERPNext suppurt Oracle DB?

There is a company want ERP system with Oracle backend.
Could be doing that with ERPNext as Oracle database and How?


For now NO. It only support mariadb/mysql database

How to support DAL or ORM?

@Mohammed_Redha read this Using PostgreSQL as a database for ERPNext, is a long discussion about how support other databases to Frappe

@max_morais_dmm Did you support other databases to Frappe?
tell your expirince with that.

@Mohammed_Redha, in the version 3 I started working in a new database access API to wnframework following the scheme that I described in the thread of PostgreSQL, using PyDAL and python-sqlparse, but I abandoned this project!
Few weeks ago, I deleted the work done, from one of my githubs.

@max_morais_dmm What a lost .
Are you planing to rewrite it or do some thing regarding that?
I am welling to contribute .

@Mohammed_Redha I dont have time to work on this for now!

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