Is it possible to install ERPNext from a snap package?

ERPNext is a complex software to install right now!

I have counted about 13 individual parts that need to be installed and fit all together!

I don’t believe this can be easily achieved on snap, but may it’s just my lack of experience with snap!

I have frappe running on docker with a decent configuration!

I use 3 stacks of services

  • background

    • redis
    • workers
  • backend + socketio

  • frontend

Whenever I wanna a new installation I only need to spin up a new frontend service!

To manage those stacks I’m using Coolify on the host, and N8N as automator

Fair enough. I might just do a manual install.
I tried the default easy script and tried modifying it for no_proxy which is commented as TODO.

In both cases I get 404 not found either from traefik or docker-proxy in the compose.noproxy.yaml case.

I came across this but multiple docker services seem to have sites and bench so perhaps a manual install without docker would actually be easier.

Any pointers would be appreciated

My dear Erpnext guys, please hear me out again! Sure i’m not well informed about Erpnext/frappe and my previous posts may seem stupid. I accept my ignorance and I wanna learn and I know erpnext is epic and you know what are you doing! <3

But again from user perspective, and I’m advanced linux user and admin, and from marketing point of view I can’t understand why you would not create ErpNext snap install?!!!

Do you want your user to be able to install your system fast and easy? Please make once and for ever snap installation!

Why? Because the user would be able to install erpnext and all it’s components with only one command ‘sudo snap install erpnext’

Ofc some work on your side, but just once!

I’m using Nextcloud server as snap from 2018/2019 and i haven’t seen anything easier as this!

You set up your vps server, security etc and then only one command to install what you want!

No need to download anything, setup anything, configure anything system wide (only App wise after installation).

Tell me what is better than this? I’m using snap Nextcloud server from 2018 until now without any problem. All works great, all is updated automatically, I’m just updating server and focusing on Nextcloud! From 2018 every time any of my customers needs cloud solution I just create vps server with only one command in few minutes as any amateur could!

Don’t you want any amateur to be able to install ERPNext easy as that?

More people using ERPNext = the bigger community and success, which is my only motivation and reason why I write this.

Marketing nowadays is customer success.

Imagine any of your customers can get your system with only one command ‘sudo snap install erpnext’ and never care about anything else besides using ERPNext!

The way I install setup and use Nextcloud server! Just one command and then you only manage Nextcloud admin, apps, users, thru browser (no need care about anything besides keeping server updated).

I’ve already tried install erpnext few times and let me tell you not so easy. Donwloading 20GB containers seems easier but customer wise not that much with learning dockers etc stuff which i can ofc.

But from marketing point of view I don’t see anything better than snap installation of ERPNext!

Same as nextcloud server which I’m using from 2018!

You do it once and then anybody can install your beautiful ERP solution with just one command!

Besides we all know your solution is kinda complicated, but complete, holistic and pretty awesome! (and i’ve tried many erp solutions)

so … just my little honest thoughts and wishes!