Is sales item/is purchase item

Lets open a github issue for this and take it from there.

Maybe we an allow a negative tagging (like not_for_sale and not_for_purchase) so new users don’t get annoyed too.



I still think the Original option was more better & already set for all the items for existing users !
The Is manufactured item is still missing .That is also important .

One suggestion is - the Default setting when the item is created can be

  • Is Purchase is enabled
  • Is Sales is enabled
  • Is Manufactured is enabled .
    & if required can be changed further for respective items as required

This implementation shall be more better for existing user!

Thanks for Reconsidering this functionality !

Hi @rmehta,

I agree with @chetan. Why not just make ‘Is Sales Item’, ‘Is Purchase Item’, ‘Is Manufactured Item’ checked by default? This easily addresses the issue you’re concerned about and also makes existing users happy


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Yeah its the same thing! Maybe will keep the original fields


The feature is back in ERPNext v 7.0.29: [revert] is_sales_item, is_purchase_item back · frappe/erpnext@d973c16 · GitHub


Hi @nabinhait,
Good to see with the latest round of changes, this feature has been added back. It works fine for sales order, if an item is not for sale the item doesn’t show in the list. But in POS the none sale items show up as well.

Is there a separate setting in POS via config or code?

This shouldn’t be the case. Please open a GitHub issue and link to it here.

@cpurbaugh this issue was resolved in one of the latest updates. I had another thread for this and I updated that one.