Issue in Projects

when creating a project by user A and create tasks linking with this project by user A
after that I create another task related to that project by user B

NOW when I make any update in any value in that project all tasks created by user B will be not related to any project that means a project field in that tasks change to null.

is there any solution here or open it as an issue in Github

any help here?

Hello .

Check this: Project and task table Bug

I will upgrade soon to the V12 because they solved this problem but I still trying to fix it in V11 until I upgrade. I believe that we can avoid the bug in V11 but I’m still testing.

hello Mr @rodrigo.giacobelli
thanks for your response

I Know that solved in V12 but I have customers working in V11
I hope to solve this Issue in V11 because we lose a lot of tasks in the project when we update any field in a project

Best Regard