Issue in Vehicle Expenses report

when add date from and to message occur “End Year cannot be before Start Year” but the enter date is success and another problem in function execute must take four parameters as
period_list = get_period_list(2016, 2016,“Monthly”," ")

Hello @Mohamed_Alijla

I believe that when using get_period_list() function. It takes four parameters, namely from_fiscal_year, to_fiscal_year, periodicity, and company. Which is why you will probably get an error when executing the function without the fourth parameter.

I think it can be said that you are looking for expenses for a certain company based on the periodicity, and between the said fiscal years (e.g. 2016-2017). So, if your End Year will be before the Start Year, you will get an error otherwise not.


Hello @Mohamed_Alijla

I’ve looked up some of the discussions here. I found out that this problem of yours may be a bug.


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