Issues in one site after update

I have a few sites running on a server. After the update to version 13 (13.7.1) one site has started creating issues while others are working. The issues that we face include error that doctype(Bank reconcilliation) not found, disable prepared report option is disabled in reports etc.
How can I correct the issue with this site?


‘Bank Reconciliation’ has been replaced with ‘Bank Reconciliation Tool’, here

You can find the discuss post for the same

Thanks Anuja for your reply. The issue is that same things like payment entry are working for other sites. However for one site it is giving error. The code seems to have been updated correctly. It seems that the database is not in sync for this one site. How do I correct it?

Can you try running this command?
bench --site [site-name] migrate

It runs patches, sync schema/database & rebuild files/translations

Thanks again @Anuja for the reply. I have tried running bench migrate but it hasn’t helped. Is there a way I can run the patches manually?

Can you elaborate on your issues with a traceback (or screenshot maybe) so that people can help?

I am facing the same issue, any luck solving the problem?