Item code Generation

Well, as I said it was just a bit of a hack by adding a custom field to item group. So no real programing and therefor no pull request. But I agree that should be part of the core. Maybe somebody of the developers like @rmehta could add that if it’s not to much work?

Actually I think this can be very powerful in the future.
If the grouping is done smart well enough, it would allow us also to run item-group wise analyses or even forecasting. So you could get e.g. Stock reports for specific groups of items.
Even more importantly, I think there is strong potential in using the hierarchical information for stock forecasting. I am not sure if you are familiar with hierarchical forecasting (see e.g. 11.1 Hierarchical and grouped time series | Forecasting: Principles and Practice (3rd ed)). Hierarchical forecasting generally boosts the forecasts performance because you take additional information from higher hierarchical levels (in Frappe jargon: parent levels). Probably not something that can be done right away (although also not too complicated to implement) but going this route would open up entirely new potentials.

(Edit: another maybe more basic and less mathematic intro to the concept of hierarchical forecasting: Hierarchical Time Series 101. by Chinmay Palande and Javier Recasens | by Opex Analytics | The Opex Analytics Blog | Medium)

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It was a great solution but can it be done automatically if already items are coded with diff series and can it auto fetch last code if manually rename is done for existing items?