Item Code & Item Name the same

Hi, is it possible to automatically use the item code as the item name when creating a new item?

My problem is when I create a new item and leave the item name blank.

The Item Name uses the Item Series instead.
The item code/name is missing, instead it is using the Naming Series.

When they are the same, it doesn’t show there. It’s fine as internally it is stored as the same thing.

Go to Stock Settings and set “Item Naming By” to Item Code as shown below.

Hope this helps.

Hi Michelle,
Thanks, but I need to keep the numbering thus keeping the series.

I saw this post below, but it doesn’t seem to work

This is what I’m trying to achieve.


Item Code


Do you want your items to be named after their item_code instead of the default item_name? If yes, then go to “Customize Form”, choose “Item” as the DocType and change the value for title_field to “item_code”.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks! That did the trick, it actually was a better solution!