Item description column on item form in sales invoice

Instead of the description hidden under the full item edit box, can it be brought forward as a column of the item table instead?

You can edit the columns pretty much any way you like.

(This is based on my experience with v10)

In the ‘awesome bar’ at the top of the screen type in the word “customize” and then select the “Customize Form” from the list that appears.

In the Customize Form "form type’ box enter “Sales Invoice Item”

The resulting screen is where you can edit what columns appear in the sales invoice and how wide they appear on the screen relative to the other columns.

Hope this helps…


I’m already aware of the Customize Form feature, just that it only list Item as a table in Sales Invoice form. There doesn’t appear to be any controls for which column to show. Maybe you can look at it yourself and see if I may’ve missed anything?



I hope the below mentioned screenshot is what you expect:

Go to Customize form → Sales invoice Item (Since this is the child table of Item in a Sales invoice)

Open the Description field → Check the “In list view” → Update

This should reflect the Description field in the Sales invoice Item table


Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted, thank you!

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Why this method is not working for “Serial No”. How do I make the “Serial No” field show in table view like this?

You have to remove the ‘in list view’ or widths associated with other columns to make serial no field visible there, but it’s essentially the same method.

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thank you. To make the “Serial No” visible, I had to make the Column of Serial No to “1” and untick the “in list view” option of “Batch No” and “Warehouse”