Item pricing based on formula

I have a use-case where Item pricing is based on its weight. Is it possible to do this in ERPNext?

Details about usecase:

  1. The selling price is multiple of the weight plus some constant. This multiple varies daily based on prevalent rate.
  2. Each serial number in item has different weight. This implies each serial number has different selling price.

Any hints in this regard are much appreciated!

You can easily do this.

Define the Unit of Conversion in the Item Master between Stock Unit and Weight Unit.

Define the Sales price list based on Weight Unit. Book the Sales in the Weight Unit instead of Stock Unit.

Thanks for your help.

Since, every serial number has different weight.

In this case—I can not have conversion factor globally defined.

I also think that we need an environment where we can script the pricing. Something like a server script but just for pricing.

Hi, is the larger part of community interested in this? I am planning to implement this myself, and Would love to collaborate. I would also like to invite some ideas, best practices from more experienced user so that solution can be generalized to whole system.

Related GitHub issue: Item price based on formula · Issue #34609 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

That would be nice. Because this is what I am dealing with Set custom price rate via client script

I create a new row and set it’s rate, but after a second ERPNext erases my price. I need to use a setTimeout as a workaround.

So calling a server script or at least preventing the update mechanism would help I think.