[Jun 2018] installation issues in Ubuntu 18.04

Trying to install ERPnext on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS manually. But I have searched all over and did not find any complete documentation. The official documentation is incomplete I think Using this Guide I have tried to install frappe. But the document fails to explain about creating separate user for bench application but in forums someone posted the full installation instructions which are kind of different from what the official guide gives. Any way some how I managed to install bench and now when I try to install a new site i’m getting the error.

Have a look here…

This error seems to come up on the development version more than the production one.

Seems like the “official” guide i.e., Hitch-hikers guide link is not working. May be because of my rant :wink:

Someone renamed the file and all the existing links are broken. Here’s the new link.

Working now:

Just to reinforce something from the guide. When installing, make certain you are targeting the master branch.

$ bench init --frappe-branch master frappe-bench

Otherwise, ERPNext may install from the develop branch, which is sometimes unstable.

Looks like the updated link is The Hitchhiker's Guide to Installing Frappe on Linux · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub

I’ve switched to deployment on Debian 9 with zero problems. Try it.

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