Kickstarting Foundation and Goals for 2019!

Hi @bkm,

Thanks for proposing to pay for the creation of the step by step, but I just posted it on a new thread:

I hope it will be useful! and feel free to enhance it with your experiments results!


Wow, that is better than I could have expected. Yes, yes, yes, I would have gladly paid for this and then given away to the forum myself (crediting your work) just so it would be out there.

Thank you for offering it up on your own time. I really appreciate your effort here.

BKM :grinning::+1:


This is great ,
how can one propose or be a partner of erpnext or try to acquire training despite not being from local market ?

i would like to contribute many of my custom apps , but they are largely based on specific customer needs , and thus requires extra effort to make it a pull request worthy only to have it rejected because it doesn’t have need for it in a larger scope .

it would be great if one of the community moderators could open something like a idea thread and pin it globally - where everyone can discuss the ideas they have (ideally should have already implemented on their end) , and discuss if its required for others and at the same time getting enhancement ideas and help and making it pull worthy .

currently it seems people are giving their views on multiple threads and its not synchronous (need to search in multiple threads if you require a idea or people who have same idea as you) ,
so may be a privileged , static for good and global thread can help get everyone on same page . (if its already there , please help guide my ignorant self to it )

thanks for the hard work . :+1:


This is a dilemma for many, specially when you have many custom apps based on specific customer needs but don’t have the energy/bandwidth to make it a contribution-worthy module. Maybe combined efforts of few would make it easy to relay the custom app towards contribution-ready PR.

Mentoring of new developers would help and probably will be part of the post-training efforts within Partnership program.

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Fully agree with this. I honestly hope that the leadership puts some serious efforts on improvising the POS. Especially on POS receipt printing, barcode printing, customer display, a simplified UI etc. If done correctly, ERPNext can really become a serious contender for stores and small supermarkets especially here in India.

Can someone please consider this and take the lead to improvise the system?. I would love to contribute by doing real world deployment in my supermarket and report bugs/feedback. Honestly tired of using half cooked stuff like Nukkad Shops, Paytm Smart Retail, GoFrugal, Tally etc which are either outdated, or buggy, have poor service and lack customisation options.

Maybe this needs a separate thread to discuss ?.

in such a case you can publish the repositories of the apps here, so at least self-hosters can make use of it.


We have open source our Offline First POS for ERPNext.

Hope this can help the community.


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What a great news!. Now the entire community can improvise the app and probably merge it with ERPNext iOS and Android app?.

Thanks a ton. Now I can confidently deploy ERPNext in our upcoming supermarket.

I was going through the forum and realised that there are two similar projects which concentrate on offline usage of ERPNext (maybe not all features) i.e Frappe Accounting & TailPOS.

It has been a long pending request of the community that we need a strong offline support for POS module on desktop (Linux/Windows/macOS) as the existing browser based implementation has quite a few flaws. Though the TailPOS app seem to address this issue to some extent, finding a proper Android tablet hardware which can take abuse and interact properly with printing devices is not an easy task.

So considering these points can we either add POS module to Frappe Accounting or port TailPOS to desktops in 2019?. With proper support for barcoding, weighing scale, direct printing, payment terminals etc.

I believe this will have a huge demand especially in India as people are tired of using outdated softwares (Tally) or proprietary softwares that need new dedicated Android based terminals (like from Paytm Smart Retail/Nukkad Shops etc which cost a bomb).

If ERPNext Cloud can somehow be made to communicate with an offline client, we can achieve a truly omnichannel retail setup. With ERPNext Offline POS taking care of billing in brick & mortar stores, Cloud which connected to platforms like WooCommerce will take care of rest of the stuff.