Lets turn Support into a real Help Desk together!

The current support system is pretty awesome, in order to replace tools like ZenDesk or Helpscout we believe that a couple of features have to be added. I believe this would enrich everybody’s ERPNext experience but the amount of work that has to be put into this exceeds our ability to fund this alone.

I would like to propose this as a collaborative paid feature development of the community.
Please read this and let us know if you would be willing to contribute financially towards this paid feature implementation so we can then together propose it to the Frappe team. Any contribution is welcome so we can get this feature together!

  1. Merging Tickets: the ability to merge two tickets into one and automatically put the merged conversations in by date so that both ticket become one also in the overview. Already raised as feature implementation ticket in frappe.
  2. Customer Satisfaction Rating: already raised as feature implementation ticket in frappe.
  3. Quick Reassign: when writing a reply or internal note you should be able to select a “reassign to” when you click send. This will allow adding notes and reassigning or sending a reply like “Thank you for your email, Umair will contact you shortly” while then reassigning to Umair. Not raised yet.
  4. Make tags searchable in omnibox search: the tags are sweet in the support ticket, however they can not be searched for in the omnibox search. I believe this would be a very strong feature for all of frappe. Not raised yet.
  5. Attach Documents to message: as far as I can see the documents attached to a ticket can not be sent to a customer. I recommend moving away from just global attachments to message attachments that then become global attachments but only the message attachment will be sent to the customer. This is important because internal notes could have files attached that the customer may not see but are important for company internal communication.
  6. Change the style of a note: It’s important to distinguish messages and notes quickly. This relates to the general activity stream. I propose a white background for emails, a light yellow background for messages (like a post-it note) and a light grey background for the activity stream like “created” or “reassigned to …”
  7. Create sidebar: create a sidebar on the right where user information like Company name, region code, contact language, phone number and email are displayed. Underneath list all support tickets raised by this user and open them as modal for quick preview or merging. The status of the ticket “Open”, “Replied”, etc. should be visible and color coded.
  8. Enable CC and BCC: The ticket is addressed to the customer, however lets assume the customer writes to support@erpnext.com and CCs his colleagues on the ticket. It would be very important that a reply is also CC’d to those contacts so they know its being resolved and don’t question our responsiveness. Regardless of that when prompting the email you should always and frappe-wide be able to specify indefinite CC and BCC addresses. Probably its best to store those in a database because they might not be customer related. The CC and BCC would have to be remembered. BCC and CC should be listed in the Activity Stream.
  9. Forwarding tickets: You should be able to forward a ticket, for example to a non ERPNext user such as a supplier or subcontractor. In the case of a forward a new ticket is created as a “child” of the parent ticket that clearly indicates what its parent is. Likewise the parent will show child tickets. I suggest that forward tickets get a light-blue look and feel. This is how it is done in Helpscout and is very cool. Of course this should show in the Activity Stream.
    Basic analytics: Show average time until tickets are answered, make a report for unanswered tickets, create an email alert when a ticket hasn’t been dealt with for 5 days etc. Many ideas here.
  10. Forwarding to helpdesk from email: Assume a customer sends you an email to your company email address. Now what you want to create that as a ticket in the helpdesk. The way to do this should be forwarding the mail from your Gmail or other mail account to “service@myerpnext.com” and you just write “@assign me” or “@assign Rushabh" to assign it. If you want to add a note to it you just write something and the system will recognize it.

If you have more ideas open them up here for discussion so we can let the Frappe team know what exactly we need.

Cheers! Dominik


@dominik I completely agree with your list.

Does anyone know if any of these requests have been added into the latest production releases? We could really use them.

@dominik @dnaink there is this module GitHub - indictranstech/jjb-helpdesk. It could provide a great head start on developing an app. Since i am a MSP company I have started to think about developing and CMDB into erpnext

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@woakes070048 Thanks for the link I checked it out, but was unable to find documentation. Perhaps I am missing where to look?

Improvements or new applications ontop of ERPNext are always welcome, and I am sure the community at large would be willing to contribute in someway.

We have started an app to do our ticketing. We also have an invoice processing doctype for automatically generating invoices each month and bulk sending to customers. It collates billable ticket entries and recurring charges marked against a contract.

Also against the ticket, if it originated from a sales order there is an activity to deliver the products and get a signature, which creates a delivery note against the sales order and saves the signature too.