Letterhead problem v11

After V11 update, I can’t do something. Because of New HTML Editor, I can’t set up my letterhead. I can’t set size and position of logo. How can I do fix this problem?

You should be able to find a solution here

I can’t understand. What will I do?

I solved problem with below solution

Customize Form > Select Doctype > Change the fieldtype from Text Editor to > HTML Editor


@alimert801, can you share what HTML allowed your logo to be placed like in the v10 screen shot? I’ve been trying to do this for quite a while and thought only custom print formats would let me do that.

For header:

<div><img src="IMAGE LINK PASTE HERE" style="width: 430px; float: left;"><br></div>

For footer:

<div><img src="IMAGE LINK PASTE" style="width: 2264px; float: center;"><br></div>

And don’t forget that edit width according to image width in html code.