Limit list view based on docstatus and logged user?

Hi there,

is possible to limit list view based on docstatus and logged user?

Any hint?


List views are permission controlled already. If user doesn’t have permission to access field, then it’s column will be hidden for that user in the list view as well.

Please elaborate your requirement, so that we can check from here.

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Let’s say some user should not be able to view doc once submitted or after 30 days, how to hide from listview?

For now, permission restriction works based on link fields and perm levels only. Please check if you can apply this permission restriction with the custom script.

Link field filter can’t work in this case …i’ll double check perm level …thx for the hint …

Just double checked Permission Level, unfortunately it won’t work.

I’m trying using custom script onload, but it seems doesn’t affect listview. I think it’should needed something like custom query for links …is that available for listview?

Hello @JoEz
Was you able to resolve the problem?
Because I am facing the same problem, the permission level is not effecting on the list view. The user is still able to see the field in the list view even his permission level is less than the field permission level (although the user is not able to see the field in the form, but it is appearing in the list view).

If you found a solution, please advise.

Please advise if you can help.


if you want to only limit the list view on docstatus, try to look into the code in frappe/doctype/todo/

@bghayad as for field specific in list view, could it possible to separate the doctype into two doctypes with fields permission different?

Thanks a lot for your kindly reply.
It is impossible to separate the doctype into two doctypes.
The doctype is Sales Order, I do not need some users to be able to see the Grand Total while others to be able to see it. The problem that it is appearing for all users even those that does not have permission level that allow them (as I said, they are already not able to see the Grand Total amount in the form it self, but they can see it in the list view !!!).

What is the benefit of disallowing them from see it inside the form while they can see it in the list view?!


Hello @HZY

I found below link, which was talking about same problem but it is old since before 7 years ! It was like a problem in the list view and they fixed. I am afraid it is come back again:

Below is an attached images that help in explaining the problem:

Any help?


This problem is appearing in version 11, I am running the following version: v11.1.67
The problem was not existed in version 10.

Can someone advise?