Linked payment terms field on Quotes and Customers?


The builtin payment terms on a customer don’t work us so i am hiding these and creating my own payment terms custom field on the Customer doctype.

I then need to link this field and show the permitted values for these payment terms on a Quote. ie if a customer is set to Net 30 days as the selected default term, i want this to appear by default on a quotation for this customer, but so this can be changed to a different payment term, if necessary, for this particular quote.

I’ve tried using a custom script to bridge between the payment terms field in Quotation and the same field in Customer, but when I try to use a ‘link’ type field on the Quotation doctype I can only link to another doctype and not a custom field which is what I have.

What is the easiest way to achieve what I’m trying to do? I have tried working this through and believe it should be quite easy, but can’t quite get it to work in practice …

Are you thinking something like Complex Payment Terms - #8 by Jammyinc

cur_frm.add_fetch(“customer”, “CUSTOM_FIELD_CUSTOMER”, “CUSTOM_FIELD_QUOTATION”);

Add above in custom script for DocType: Quotation from Setup >>> Customize >>> Custom Script >>> New

But that link field in Quotation is to be ‘Read Only’.

Thanks for this. But does this work for a Select field which is what I need to use in Customer?

Yes, it does work on Select Field but it will display something like below; you may try in fact:


so it would be
cur_frm.add_fetch(“customer”, “CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE:CUSTOMER”);

If your custom field name is ‘select’ in both the forms then code would be:

cur_frm.add_fetch("customer", "select", "select");

cur_frm.add_fetch("Link_Field", "Source_Field", "Target_Field");

Example: Select Field Added in Item as below:

It is displayed in another linked form field as below: (after using above mentioned code in Custom Script)

I can state read only on the field name and on the actual customise form screen. Where should the ‘readonly’ be stated?

There’s a Checkbox in field details where we customize any DocType and Add a Custom Field:

I still can’t quite get this to work. I can get the field to appear in the quote, but its not linked to the customer field, it works separately to the field ion the customer for.

I’m wondering if I have a problem with the Custok script not working to link the feilds as it should

Ok. Go to: Setup >>> Customization >>> Custom Form

  1. Select Customer >>> Add a Custom Field as you need.
  2. Select Quotation >>> Add a Custom Field with Type: Link and in Options write Customer and also mark this field as Read Only.
  3. Goto Custom Script and write that code under Quotation.
    Hope this would help.

thanks for your help.

I think the bit I have wrong is step 2, where I have used Customer.payment_terms in the Options/Field where payment_terms in the fieldname in Customer

I get this error ‘Duplicate name Custom Field Quotation-payment_terms’ when trying to add the custom field in 2. Does this mean I should only add the custom script AFTER stage 2?

It means, payment_terms already exist in Quotation; you may rename it to paymentterm or something else.

I can now get the fields in place without errors, but when I go to my Quote, the payment term field is missing instead of just ‘read only’. If I un tick read only, teh field is show, but only allows me to select a customer.

I have seen the payment TErms field show up as a read only field but clickable to the customer page. But this only shows up sometimes. I’m not sure why sometimes it appears and sometimes it doesnt. But I am getting closer :wink:

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Good Luck!