Login screen not show

I have manually installed erpnext on debian jessie.
Execute the bench commands and when going to the browser localhost:8000
I do not see the login window, but the one we see in the figure. What did I do wrong?
I need help please.

Hi @Fernando_Sanchez1

Any error on browser’s console log? Press keys shift+Ctrl+r and check

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Now I have another message and I can not finish the setup wizard or enter the main menu
“Setup already complete”
“There were errors”

If its not much of a hustle, you should give reinstall a try

bench reinstall --yes

After its done, go to localhost:8000 and complete the setup wizard from the beginning. At the last step, there might be two checkbox I think, keep them unchecked and complete the setup. Maybe this should fix it.

did you get the answer for the query?
im facing the same issue please help

Read this thread from a few days ago:

Hope this gets you closer to an answer.


shift+Ctrl+r fixed the issue for us (the log didn’t show though!) Browser Chrome.

i have same issue, i do shift+ctrl+r and it’s not fixed.

it’s fixed by $ bench build