Loyalty program

in my erpnext v10.1.40 (master) software i can not find Loyalty Program. please help me to install it.

I think Loyalty is only in v11.

then how to get it?

There is a thread just a few down from this one that can help with that. Unfortunately it is beyond my level of expertise.

can i update the ver. to do it?

Upgrading from v10 to v11 is not a simple process. v11 is in “staging” and is not officially released so you are using it at your own risk and are agreeing to help get it ready for broader release. As you can see from the thread that I referenced, many smart people are working to shake out bugs and make the product ready for its official release. You might want to wait until then.

As you are new to ERPNext my recommendation is that you stay on V10 which is very solid and stable. V11 still has long way to go to be used in production environment. Wait for it to migrate to production branch and the use

bench update command in frappe-bench folder.

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OK. But I want Loyalty part, so how do i get it without upgrading erpnext v11?

Don’t think you can get itnon V10. Upgrade to V11 staging branch. Do it at your risk especially if you are using it for live business.