Magento 2 Connector, Development

Good day, I am interested in contributing to, or having a connector developed for Magento 2. Does anyone know anyone working on this currently, or would be willing to develop it?

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@John-Pasq: there were some attempts to roll it out. However, I am not sure where it ended up finally (AFAIK there is nothing to try in production mode yet … ).

I hope the good start for your efforts would be reviewing the following threads on previous attempts to embark on ERPNext-Magento integration

Good luck with your mission!

i think it’s for magento 1 not magento 2 !

@meisam: right, that was the earlier effort for version 1 …

Would it be best to work on something like Zapier integration as mentioned in another thread.

I don’t know a lot about Zapier but I know having worked on ERPnext integration with eBay that it is quite involved.


we also can colaborate with money on a full conecto with magento thanks