Main page instead of Desk

Hi all,
I want to change the main page of the erpnext to be another page instead of “desk”,
and I tried to edit this line frappe.local.response[“home_page”]
in, but no changes.
where can I implement that?

any suggestion plz?

didn’t try it before but this is related thread about it

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did you try it with not normal user not system user

But if user_type is “System User”, it always goes to /desk

Thanks for your replying @ahmadRagheb
I already tried that solution, but it is just for redirect page after login.
I need to change the main page to be another one instead of desk page

This is a dirty solution you can start from :grinning:

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Hi @OmarJaber
I tried that also :smile:
but all the links above discussed for redirect page after login, and I need t replace #desk page with another one to be the desktop page of the system

See this: How to hide desk# - #9 by chabito79