Merge Customer Issue in ERPNEXT v12.1.8

I am facing Merging issue in ErpNext version 12.1.8, Frappe version v12.0.17

The following are the screenshots attached for reference.

Please help!

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same problem with items

I have the same version but I am not able to replicate the same thing :

Don’t know why it’s happening to me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Are you sure the frappe version is 12.0.17?

I have v12.0.18 (version-12), The reason I ask is because the rename tool looks similar to the screenshots you shared, I faced the same issue I thought it was only Items I had posted a few days back, I have a feeling the rename tool being restructured ?

I have updated to the latest version today

Still facing the same issue.

Any Idea?