Migrate erpnext instance from Debian 7.3 to Ubuntu 18 via R1Soft

So we are running v12 on Debian 7.3 and having issues upgrading to python3

Anyway, we would like to go to Ubuntu 18 and currently we have R1soft doing backups on the server.

Wondering if it’s possible to do a smooth migration from Debian to Ubuntu without breaking anything or loosing data ?

Or perhaps there is a different approach ? … not sure what would be the best way or if anyone has done it before.

Ubuntu is based on Debian, so I don’t know if there’s any advantage swapping the OS. Maybe post the specific error you are getting on python3/erpnext/debian and see if anyone can assist you with that. Otherwise, why not just upgrade from debian 7.3 to 9.x/10.x?

Perhaps I’m thinking of Ubuntu because everyone around here seems to be talking either about Ubuntu 18 or Centos7

Anyway, I have just started a new topic on the python3 migration here: Error when migrating v12 to python 3.7

Hope someone can help … :slight_smile: