Migrating from V11 to V12 issues with patch

A couple other things to look at,

How does the memory and disk use look on the host?

Can you run: bench mariadb then check tabletabItem Taxmedium;

Also try:

bench console , then

import sys
import os
import platform
platform architecture()
print (sys.version)

If it is a particular patch that it gets stuck on, you can temporarily exclude that patch by editing the patches.txt file and commenting out the line with the patch that doesn’t work. Once that has gone through and the system is migrated, you can retry with the patch uncommented

@trentmu I have done that, removed patch and I was able to migrate and build site, but on browser I was getting always message “system is updating”. Then on bench update when the trouble patch was launched … same thing again … issue is still there and same as before.

Still same issue, anybody having same troubles on migrating from V11 to V12?? It seems very strange.

@smino All good there no issues.

What is the out put from:

bench console , then

import sys
import os
import platform
platform architecture()
print (sys.version)


The output looks ok. Have you tried bench update --reset ?

@smino yes I did, keeps getting stuck on that patch, and ubuntu kills the process

I might try backing up the database, start a new VM , updtate Ubuntu ( to Bionic if you know how to deal with the repositories for Mariadb and npm) , python3 and Erpnext 12 , then restoring the database

@smino Thanks for advise, but I already done that, I’m on Bionic/MariaDb P3/ErpV12 and fresh install, I really think the issue is in the high number of items of my database which set the VM to collapse .

I personally prefer to use debian. If you are using a VM then it might be worthwhile trying this too

Hey team , just now i migrated the DB from V11 into V12 , after migrating i got some issues like
UndefinedError: ‘ldap_settings’ is undefined

and i used bench update --patch , then everything is working fine . All Data came up successfully.

@suraj.jahagirdar how many items you have in your db?

May it helps.

or this

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@krnkris thanks,
My repos are correct and updated to latest,
Its just issue with a specific patch that stalls my VM

@trentmu Thanks for sharing your installation with debian, it actually works very nice and fast, but unfortunately I have same issues as with ubuntu.

Can the database be restored to a fresh V11 install?

Which table is it that seems to be causing trouble?

@smino Yes, the backup restores without any issues on a fresh V11.

I believe table is TabItems that gets stuck, but not sure 100%.

Looks like issue was fixed, I was able to migrate!. Thanks to all and ERPNEXT Team.