Migrating from V11 to V12 issues with patch

@smino Thanks for advise, but I already done that, I’m on Bionic/MariaDb P3/ErpV12 and fresh install, I really think the issue is in the high number of items of my database which set the VM to collapse .

I personally prefer to use debian. If you are using a VM then it might be worthwhile trying this too

Hey team , just now i migrated the DB from V11 into V12 , after migrating i got some issues like
UndefinedError: ‘ldap_settings’ is undefined

and i used bench update --patch , then everything is working fine . All Data came up successfully.

@suraj.jahagirdar how many items you have in your db?

May it helps.

or this

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@krnkris thanks,
My repos are correct and updated to latest,
Its just issue with a specific patch that stalls my VM

@trentmu Thanks for sharing your installation with debian, it actually works very nice and fast, but unfortunately I have same issues as with ubuntu.

Can the database be restored to a fresh V11 install?

Which table is it that seems to be causing trouble?

@smino Yes, the backup restores without any issues on a fresh V11.

I believe table is TabItems that gets stuck, but not sure 100%.

Looks like issue was fixed, I was able to migrate!. Thanks to all and ERPNEXT Team.