Migration of local app to remote development server

Hello all,

I am in the process of migrating some of the changes i’ve done locally on my VM to a shared development server. Locally i’ve created 3 roles and some doctypes. All the local changes are up to date on github.
Remotely, i’ve installed the application, runned the initial setup and all works fine.

Do i need to create the application and set it to default before getting changes from git?

Thank you very much in advance.

Here is my process:

  1. Make sure your new app is up to date on the master branch, tested, etc.
  2. ssh into your remote server, go to frappe-bench folder.
  3. bench get-app appname Path Mobile Inc Pte. Ltd. · GitHub to repo (if app is not installed yet)
    3a. cd into apps/appname folder, git pull origin master (or whichever branch you’d like)
  4. bench update --build
  5. bench migrate

You should be all set to go after this. This process lets you pull changes in whichever apps you’d like instead of using the bench update command, which gets changes from all app’s upstream repo of their current branch. If you are okay updating all of your apps, you can run “bench update” rather than steps 3a, 4, and 5.

Perfect, thank you @alec_ruizramon1!!!

@WhiteKarma can you post your github repos here? There might be others looking for the same functionality and those might be happy to use your apps.
I’d like to add them here as well

Sure @vrms, the repo is here: GitHub - FPMT-IT/Dharma-Center-ERP: ERPNext based Application for Dharma Center Management. Note that the current stage is pretty much in the beginning.