Minimum space required for hosting?

For startups how much space would it really take on a server?

That totally depends on your file uploads and data size.

If you are a small company, you can try an entry level VM on DigitalOcean

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sure it is, erpnext is very cloud-able application
you can start rightaway in the frappecloud

if you want it in google datacenter, you have to purchase services from

and install erpnext on top of the virtual machine

hope this help

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The 20GB VPS of Digital Ocean is working good for me … but 512 MB of RAM is not suficent for thinks like a automatic backup with dropbox, so I will wait V5 to update to 1GB of RAM and 40GB of drive, for U$ 10.00 per month is good deal :wink: for a starup

In the frappe cloud, the startup plan for Indians is available at Rs. 8427. So does that include ERPNext hosted on the cloud,ready to use,or do i have to pay somthing extra…?
I want to use it for retail trading. In the demo version there were few functions such as payment options(cash & credit) in POS system, and print option in POS for bills (instead of mailing),I tried but I could not get them. So will they be availabe when I host on frappe…?

Hello Gaurav,

  1. Said amount is all you need to pay for the subscribing to hosted Startup plan. No hidden charges :smile:
  2. Print icon will be visible after invoice is submitted.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much umair! :smiley:
But I dont get the ‘Make Payment’ option in POS…:frowning:
And also I wanted to ask,if in the ‘Sales Tax and Charges Master’ I could select amount instead of %…?
And also if Static IP is included in the startup plan…?

Hello Gaurav,

Make Payment button is not visible probably because “Is POS” is not checked in your Sales Invoice. Please check following link to setting up master required for creating POS Invoice. But this option is very much available for the hosted users as well.

In the Sales and Taxes Charges master, if select Type as “Actual”, you can direct Amount in the Rate field.

You can specify Static IP in the User master. This will allow user to access system from that Static IP only.

Hi Umair,

The “Make Payment” option appears for a second,and then it disappears in POS.
Also I am getting the following error whenever I select “Submit” for the invoice -
“Purchase rate for item: Ambuja Cement not found, which is required to book accounting entry (expense). Please mention item price against a buying price list.”

I am unable to find a solution for both of them.

Even after passing purchase entries, I am unable to update my stock in POS. It is still showing stock at 0.

Also I have set tax preferences individually for items in the item master. Yet, they don’t appear in POS.

I have got the "Make Payment’ & "Stock Update’’ , now just have to work on the tax thing… :smile:

How do I set different TAX settings for different items in POS…?
I have given tax settings with individual products in “Item” masters , but I am unable to have them in POS while making invoices.