Missing bench commands for development


I need to use a specific version of frappe/erpnext, its version 7.x.x

However when I change the repository from “master” to “v7.x.x” branch I lost bench development commands like (bench mysql, bench migrate, etc).


How can I use version 7.x.x and also have these commands available?

Do you have any local changes? It seems that there is some issue in the python code, can you run command git status in frappe, erpnext app and share the output

Thank you for your answer.

Actually is synchronized with remote branch.

For those who may face this problem, it was solved after giving recursive permissions for the user “frappe” and run “bench update” command

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Excellent thank you jvsoares. The next time that occurs I will try that Frappe 'basic' bench commands ok but no Framework commands - how to restore latter? - #2 by clarkej

EDIT: Bench Start Error in Development - Error: No such commands watch serve worker schedule, frappe commands!? - #5 by clarkej