Missing Setup > Customize > Features Setup

I was looking at this page and was hoping to remove fields in forms for a company that doesn’t do manufacturing.

I was following this link am i missing something?


Features Setup has been deprecated in v7

@nabinhait is there something to replace it?

Most of the case it was to hide some sections, but currently those sections are collapsible by default. Thats why we have deprecated it.

What is your use case? Which fields you want to remove?

@nabinhait i was looking to remove most of the Manufacturing module. Remove poduction orders, stock entries, material requests, etc. They are a chamber of commerce so i wanted to keep it a simple as posable.

That was not possible via Features Setup. You can do that using Role Permission Manager.

You can also hide module desktop icons from Setup → Permissions → Show/Hide Modules.

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@nabinhait okay thanks for letting me know that and thanks for taking the time to look in to my questions.

Hi ,

@nabinhait We were using it to disable the compact item print format in V6
How to disable / enable this setting in V7 ?


Found it in Print Settings !

Thanks !

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I cannot find the way to enable Barcode scanner in ERPNext. Earlier threads indicate to goto Features Setup for Item Barcode.


You will find it under Stock Settings.