Mobile App On iPhone 7 Is Not Working

Also Expecting An App Update With Clear Views & Enhanced Speed For IOS.

This issue was fixed recently.
What version of Frappe/ERPNext are you on?

Any update it is still not working.

@netchampfaris I am using Android and I get this Error:

Please Advise.

I have this issue too.

@netchampfaris I face this problem from time to time!?
The application is not stable!!!

Please Advise.

Waiting for feedback.


I have no problem with it.
Sometimes I have the same issue, only when
the speed too slow on VPN,
or when not logged out correctly.

If I go trough web browser then it works.

Hope this helps.

Same issue - after new install on iphone 6s it works. after shut down the app and restart, the screen freezes with the logo and digits “ERPNext”.
Thanks for help.

Guys, there is currently running bounty campaign: Bounty - Fixing bugs and improving mobile experience of ERPNext [Now $250]
Let’s join our efforts to make ERPNext Mobile better

I’ve updated to latest version of ERPNext last night, now the app works again. Do a “Bench update” if it doesn’t work for you.