Modify conversion factor in Purchase Receipt

I did not notice that when I imported the items of a Supplier Quotation from a csv file, the conversion factor (it was my mistake in the import csv file) got incrementing values from 1 to 82 in the 82 items imported.

I checked everything except the conversion factor (I didn’t even know what it was), and made the Purchase Order from the Supplier Quotation and then the Purchase Receipt based on the Purchase Order.

Now the inventory is a mess because of this.

  • Can I modify the conversion factor in order to have the inventory fixed?

Thanks in advance

  • Anybody knows how to do this?
  • Is it possible?

Your situation sounds like a case for a redo ?

Learning is all about mistakes - that’s what makes this so much fun :slight_smile:

But I can’t delete the Purchase Receipt and I do not have a snapshot to go back, plus I would be undoing other things other people have done after/during that Purchase Receipt.

  • What actions are done when one does a Purchase Receipt to be the reason I can’t delete it?

-How do I redo it, anyway?

Thanks a lot for your help

To import into a shared data ‘production’ environment is one reason for a backup or snapshot - the point is to plan and coordinate to avoid problems and risk?

An alternative good practice is first clone the production data set into a test environment, to verify that import will not cause problems.

Well, I guess that is the fun of making mistakes you were talking about :slight_smile:

Because this is my first time using an ERP, I suppose that part of the complexity means that the mistakes can’t be easily fixed, but there must be a way to make things right. It wouldn’t make sense because input mistakes are part of every business. Even the incoming rate in the Stock Ledger Entry is totally distorted because of this.

I found this in the docs:

What happens when the Purchase Receipt is “Submitted”?
A Stock Ledger Entry is created for each Item adding the Item in the Warehouse by the “Accepted Quantity” If you have rejections, a Stock Ledger Entry is made for each Rejection. The “Pending Quantity” is updated in the Purchase Order.

I’ll make a snapshot and change the Stock Ledger Entry and the conversion factor directly in the database to see what happens.

Yes of course lots of learning options but caveat emptor YMMV etc.

My alarm is you seemed stuck with no recovery plan.

Understood. No further questions, your Honor

Yes nothing to worry about if you are in charge :slight_smile:

edit: And please post back here what you learn too

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Sure, John. Getting all those hard years of work of the ERPNEXT team and not giving back to others would be shameful.

And thanks to you for taking the time to give me your advice

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I couldn’t believe that ERPNext (such an extraordinary piece of software), did not allow anybody to make any mistake. Thankfully there is a very easy way to resolve such mistakes: Cancel and Amend the submitted document.

I hope this helps someone else struggling with such a simple problem