Modify report paper size

I want to change the size of paper used for printing the sales invoices but i cant find that option. I need a custom paper size.

You can select A4 or LETTER under Setup > Print Settings

I need a custon page size, how can a create a new page size, is it possible?

Sorry @seethersan I misunderstood your question then. I don’t think that option exists but maybe the frappe guys have an idea when they are in office tomorrow. In any case this is not a bad idea and you could suggest a “Custom” option that allows defining the print size in mm as a “feature implementation” Git issue at Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub? If this is super important to you or your company you could have it be a paid feature implementation that shouldn’t cost too much.

Cheers! Dominik

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@seethersan yes its possible using css please see this Custom Page Size For Printing

@seethersan you can develop print format with custom size

sample code: