Modules or Plugins for Education Management?


Just wondering if there are some works already done in the fields of education management for ERPNext using Frappe framework similar to openeducat ( for odoo?

Would love to learn if somebody has been working to create and integrative management based on ERPNext as explained in NOopeneducat video (- YouTube)!

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Hello, I guess you are looking for ERPNext Education domain which is available out of box. Documentation here

@akurungadam, Thanks for taking time to point out. BTW, I am searching for a self-hosted environment, not like, fyi.

However, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to integrate both management of educational institutions including online enrollment, course delivery, and conducting exams and publishing grades.

Else, ERPNext’s integratioon with LMSes either moodle or canvas or something like that.

Is there any?

Education domain is part of ERPNext. That means all the features for the domain are available out of the box even for self-hosted setup.
You choose the domain during setup wizard or later through Domain Settings.

Most of the features required are available. If you find anything missing create github issue requesting the feature.

Old Video

Recent Video - User Experience


@revant_one, thanks for taking time to reply. I shall explore and get back to you.

@rmehta, began with but it also failed to build. So chosen to use Docker as it supports multiconainer format, fyi.

A new issue created at: Fails to build docker frappe as you asked for. Thanks!

Please post this on a separate issue. Also checkout the official docker at

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