Moving from WIP to finish work order

I could not finish the work order, someone might have ideas on that.

Insufficient Stock

Row 1: Qty not available for 500037 in warehouse Work In Progress - WCCL at posting time of the entry (24-09-2020 11:14:56 AM)

Available qty is 7.0 , you need 10.0


Doesn’t this obvious?

Still figuring out …

I mean you have to fill the WIP Wh with 3 or more items so the item available in WIP Wh will be sufficient to be used in WO.

You can use Stock Entry

Or if WIP input is from production line, you have to produce more to fill in the lack of 3 items in WIP.

ok thanks i will try…

Maybe you should check the real stock level in the real warehouse.