Multi site requests

Yes. from branch to central.

You are not able to follow :slight_smile:

What do you mean?

I mean, you cannot generate a key and secret belonging to central site user at branch site without knowing a way to login to central site…

You want to accomplish this:

  1. A branch site will connect to central site, generate a key and secret and connect to central site.
  2. Use the secret to post some info to central site from branch

You have problem at step 1 itself, you cannot connect to central site without key and secret known in advance.

You got me thinking… and I made mistake

This I mean login to central site… sorry.
So #1-3 happen in central (remote) site.

Yes correct, now you got it.

You don’t need to generate keys and secrets at all on branches…this is called over engineering, or over thinking…

That is what I did. Just wrongly write it :slight_smile:

So how are you connecting to central site from branch to generate a key? Using central site’s username and password. Right?

yes correct. because user and password can be created remotely.
The is actually should be or

you are not getting the main point → You are already using the secret of central site to connect and generate keys…you don’t need to do that…

You first learn how API keys authentication work and then use it. You don’t have full understanding of the concepts and trying to use it and getting confused.

I am hopeful you will understand the issue soon, I will pray for you. Have a good night.

Well ok… Thank you a lot for the discussion. A good night to you too.

Were you able to resolve? I may not have pointed to you but your step 1 where you are login into central site using the username and password from branch application. This is known secret, instead of using username and password to login, use the API secret and key created before hand and you don’t need to do step 1 and step 2, and directly use API to post…

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Hi @rahy, We did something similar with SSO OAuth0 for the ticketing system, but it is complex and untested.

I’m trying to see if something similar is possible with Event Streaming, I don’t know what you think.

I’ll try your suggestions.

Event Streaming in v13? Not using it yet, still in v12.