Multi-tenant, is different versions for each possible?

Dear all, You might have experience in this and would like some guidance.

As an example, if I have a multi-tenant hosted ERPNext:

Is it possible to have for to run version 9.x.x at the same time on version 8.11.1…?

Do all tenants share the same code base OR since ERPNext is installed within a FRAPPE framework as an they can have different versions? They dont share the same DB anyway.

Thanks for throwing some light on this.

If these sites created under the same bench then the sites will share same codebase.

Setup two benches, one for version 9.x.x and another one for Version 8.x.x and create sites respectively.

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No. You should not follow above case with one bench. This is not recommended at all, due to different file versions. They will conflict & you’ll not achieve anything.

If you want to achieve it anyhow, better to create another bench. and in the new bench, create another domain on same server. Just follow bench init new-bench and do follow procedure with nginx & supervisor.
I was also have same question once back, and here I raised my question. Here: Multi Bench Setup with DNS based multitenancy at Production Server. How To? - #7 by asharamseervi If you go through complete discussion, you’ll definetly learn something & also learn about Architecture & questions that all newbie have in their mind.

Credits goes to @revant_one, who helped me to create new bench.

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You guys are fantastic! thanks both!

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