MultiCompany with single User


I have 3 company not related, means it’s different core no have relation.
and i want to manage those company in ERPNext.

My question i want to have 1 database users and able to access 3 company, which feature of erpnext can be used for that?


You can easily manage this scenario in ERPNext.

One user will have access to all the Companies and will be able to create transactions for all of them. No need of user restrictions. Steps:

  1. Add a User.
  2. After setting up your ERPNext account, add rest two companies from:

Accounts > Company > New

Hope this helps.

Hi ,
The Chart Of Account is not managed through the User Permission.
It is Display the Other Company Chart Of Account.


To Apply User Permission on Chart of Account, you should do Role Permission Setting on the “Accounts” doctype, and restrict user based on Company.

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