Multiple Amount Brackets for Formula or Conditions

Hi Good Day, is there someone can guide me to right direction on how can i achieve this thing.

I have a list of range compensation for deductions for example the range compensation amount is from 8,250 to 8,7499 this is the bracket. When i have a salary of 8,500 which is under the bracket list i will get the amount of 340. How can i achieve this? Using formula or condition. Thanks.


Check this link: Multiple conditions on Salary Structure with a single formula - #13 by ben

Hope this helps.

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It works on V12 but on my installed Beta 13 its not.

Are you getting any error messages? Share screenshots of the formula configured so that we can understand the issue at hand.

Also, make sure to check the “Amount based on Formula” checkbox in the salary structure.

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No error is showing. is just that when i create salary slip nothing happen it supposed to create salary slip based on my salary components.

You will have to share the screenshot of your salary structure with the formula so we can understand what’s causing the issue. Did you check if the “Amount based on Formula” checkbox is checked?

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Yes it was checked in my case the problem is the extra spaces on formula it works now. the linked you given is working. Thank you