Multiple companies On 1 Site

Can we run operations of Multiple Companies On 1 Site or do I have to bench newsite
As long as I get separate inward and outward report It’s fine with me to host them on one installation

But I need PO naming series to be different for each company

Its a trade off:

If you have multiple companies on the same instance, it is harder to restrict permissions. But with a single login (different screens, though) you can see what’s going on in both companies.

If you have separate instances, permissions of course become easier, but you need to have two separate logins (which means you need to do domain based multi tenancy) or use two separate browsers to see what is going on.

The community is threatening to develop consolidation of financial books across companies, and if and when that happens, I’d expect it would happen a lot sooner on multiple companies on a single instance, than across instances.

This is what I’d do in your place:

If it is very important to restrict users to look at the respective company’s information, I’d go with two instances. Else I’d go with a single instance.

The rest (different series) can be managed with relative ease on a single instance.

Hope this helps.




Thank your For your feedback
In my Scenario all the back-end work of ordering and accounting is done by Same set of people
so question of login & security is irrelevant.
I am more concerned on usage and separation of PO numbers and reports for individual companies

Cool! Single instance then! You can accomplish everything else with relative ease, like I said.



I need your help to change the naming series for PO as per company


  1. PO/ABC/.###
  2. PO/XYZ/.###

I need an advice on how do I share the site with my employees without giving away the actual password, can an OAUTH server plugin on internal Wordpress site do the trick

I have implemented client side certificate earlier but since lets encrypt will renew it in regular intervals I will be tasked to generate the keys every time

I apologize, but I have no expertise in this area. I should, but I don’t. Let me know how you handle this. I should come up to speed on this in about a month and we can revisit this then.

If you use GMail, google authentication is your best bet, no?



I have run into a problem now
Both the companies are running as two separate sites , now the item list needs to shared simultaneously

What could be possible solution

That’s the reason I said don’t set up two instances. Other than customizing ERPNext to share the item master, I don’t think there is any other way.

The other option is of course a batch task to synch the item masters.



I have gone through these posts And I tried the Script in second post it didn’t reflect on PO

I think I found the issue
the script is
how do I change it to when company name changes like onchange

Help appreciated

Ok I seemed to have solved the Issue , This is my first Javascript code hack please correct me if I have done any mistake.

frappe.ui.form.on("Purchase Order", {
  company: = function(doc, cdt, cdn){
    // this function is called when the value of company is changed.
	if( 'ABC Ltd'){
	else if( == 'XYZ Ltd'){


When we use Multiple companies One needs to Mention Tax Slab For Each Company in Item Tax

Is there an easy way instead

Can we hide other naming series which are not used from series dropdown ?

Means they will be used in other company ,like for example when we login to a company user

Company A - SINV-A-001

Company B - SINV-B-001