Multiple View to fill Doctypes

is it possible to have multiple build views of a doctype depending on the user (based on group or role)?
For example, I want some users to be able to fill in all fields of a job sheet and others to be able to populate only the timetable.

You can use a web-service to achieve that. Provide an external form to the users that submits data to erpnext via the api thus only the provided fields can be filled out:

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There are two standard approaches within ERPNext v13 to do that - right now, both aren’t working. Therefore it maybe depends also on the timeframe, you need to get it done:

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Why not using Customize Form and set the permissions to field level.
For example the fields other than timetable are set to level 1. Then give level 1 permission to the “can-fill-all” user for that form.

For ref. Managing Perm Level in Permission Manager

Customize Form is limited, when you need more than just “hide” a few fields.
For example it is not possible to re-arrange the fields of a standard docType. Based on DocType Layout / Virtual DocTypes that would be possible.

Same for sure for whole sections.

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Agree to that.

But I think for the question asked by @Tiziano_Pedrazzoli1 it is not about having different layout, cmiiw. But more on which fields are displayed and which are not, despite what the layout of the form is. So Customize form and permissions seems sufficient.
Even the Customize Form allows rearrange the position of the fields, though limited.

And the Doctype Layout and Virtual DocTypes are only in version-13.

Hi @rahy is there official documentation for doctype layouts and how to use them, it seems that doctypes have many bugs in version-13, when can we use doctype layout?

Can you provide a few bugs with screen shots?

  1. Bug: Nothing happens when a doctype is selected (fields autofill)
  2. Bug: Can’t fill fields manually when trying to select a fieldname.

Appart from these few bugs, what we want is to learn how to properly use doctype layouts. I couldn’t find official docs, or community help to use them.

I think that you need save the form after you select the doctype. Then all the fields are filled automatically.

@TurkerTunali have you used it somewhere, it works for different listing and retrieval of records?

My all experience is this :slight_smile:

The trick is, save twice to populate the fields. And reload the page before going to the list.

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Thanks, will replicate the steps and share experience