Naming series for new doc type

Issue resolved thanks

Hi Priya,
I have one more issue now, I want the number to be generated like SP100001
But the default number series can have only 4 digits, what is the solution for it?

@ruchin78 Please refer attached screen shots and change series from Customize form.

Records after updated naming series :

Priya Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd

Hi @ruchin78
I am in a similar situation could you please let me know how you have resolved it.
The wrong naming series.

Thanks a lot.

Hello I have two problems regarding this same thing. Is it so that on the cloud version you can´t get into developer mode, hence you cant change the auto name field?

I also need a running number for the projects ( mandatory in finland ). I did everything as said before but for some reason the print templates show the field as the field in the naming series without the actual number.

For example customer number in the header is displayed as “CUST1045” but if i want it to show in the actual document it just shows “CUST”.

I would really appreciate help for this. I am running the cloud version. I assume erpnext is not possible to be installed on a third party server?

Thank you.

you could host erpnext on your own

but for your problem i think you miss show the field

Hi Ruchin,

How did you solve the issue of wrong numbers being generated when applying the auto-numbering? I have the same issue and have difficulty to figure out how to solve it. Hope you can help me in here…


You have to setup the naming_series field as @priya_s pointed out in this link: Naming series for new doc type - #23 by priya_s.

You need to add a field in the doctype which has a name of naming_series. In the options you can specify a format for the series (eg. SI-.#####) . The number or #'s will correspond to the number of digits in your series number.

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Newbie here;

Hi All, I have lots of previous docs issued in my company, How do i define the initial value for naming siries.



normally increment from :

PRE-000000001 to PRE-000000002

I need to initialize value based on our latest record start from PRE-180002930

any ideas fully appreciated

Welcome aboard! A search on naming_series should get you the official docs and lots of pointers

edit: To do this your only option may be to change this at the db level for eg Naming Series Current Value Is not Updating from naming series form - #2 by Sangram

hope this helps

What about if we want to aotoselect naming siries prefix base on user detail, we will add custom field on user doctype to hold the selection property.


user from branch A will have a doctype append with prefix A together with autoname siries.

branch A:


branch B:

Where Doctype naming siries: ```PV-000020223``


Yes a naming_series can include a prefix specifier convention of your choice, such a link to an associated DocType, to refer to read a value to include in an document name.

A forum search like ‘naming_series prefix’ will confirm and point the way if you get stuck.