Naming Series For Revised Quotation

i stucked in quotaion …below is my situation.
I have created a quotation with naming series ‘SAL-QTN-.YYYY.-’ . so assume that my is SAL-QTN-2019-00001 . but now my customer needs negotiation on quotation . so i created new quotaion with some price changes … and now i want to save with ‘AL-QTN-2019-00001-V1’

is it possible? or please suggest me a better way to save revised quotation

“Cancel” and then “Amend” the first Quotation. This should give you SAL-QTN-2019-00001-1. Do the same again and you’ll have SAL-QTN-2019-00001-2.

Thank you @rmeyer
I need to print doc name as SAL-QTN-2019-00001-V2 will fix my problem. I think can be done using custom HTML for in print format.
Please let me know if you have any solution

Thank you

This Can be Help You in Your case

Thank you for the response @ROHAN_JAIN1
here i only need to change in print…
so i want to add a letter ‘V’ after[18]. Is it possible to do with string index?
is it possible to add some string inside a variable using jinja templating?

if yes, let me know the code…i can change in print format


{% if name.endswith('-p') %}
{{ name[:-2] }}
{% else %}
{{ name }}
{% endif %}