Need help/custom solution for Curtain Manufacturing

An interior design company produces customized curtains on order. Every time the order is based on multiple inputs:

  1. Window measurements
  2. Type of fabric
  3. Stitching cost
  4. Extras like rings and ribbons
  5. Other specific requests from customers.

This is a multi-step process where fabric is first chosen, measurements recorded, then it is sent to the tailor, cut and stitched, additional stuff added, invoiced, and then delivered to the customers. Plus a customer can order other items on the same order which have to be shown on the same invoice.

Is anyone here handling such an operation? How are you doing it?

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You can try to use ERPNext BOM with operations and see if it meets your requirements. If you need ideas to customize something for garment manufacturing, you can go through this link for ideas.

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My guess is that this affects the quantities of the fabric and the accessories. Plus it perhaps affects the stitching cost.

Set this up as Items on ERPNext

Addressed later.

Either setup as Items on ERPNext or you add Extras as a Set

Again can be setup as Items if it’s appropriate to do that.

With a little bit of scripting/customisation, you should be able to covert a design/measurement into a Bill of Quantity or a BOM.

It’s not easy to do that. But it’s too hard either.

Takes time and effort.

Hope this helps.



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I greatly appreciate your generous, detailed responses Jay Ram :slight_smile:

I’ll give this a good read to see how I can utilize it in the system.

We created a custom module that acts as kind of a product configurator for the end-user, which then generates the required items with BOM. See this for how we did it: