Need help Setting up ERPnext for the first time

I am looking for someone to help me with installing ERPnext on my system.

You can find a guide from this GitHub link

For video tutorial

for detailed steps

For manual install

Check this thread

I used a machine with Ubuntu Desktop on it and followed the video but I got an error

ERROR! The requested handler ‘restart network manager’ was not found in either the main handlers list nor in the listening handlers list

I don’t understand what does this mean.

I reinstalled it and it worked somehow.
ERPNext is successfully installed.
But now when I type “localhost” I got a web page like this which is unusable.

Welcome @anandf this may help your case I install erpnext in my server, but when i brows it give login page disorder like screen short below

Hey! Thanks for your reply. I see that using this command solves the issue.

chmod o+x (opt/username)

But how and where do I use the command ?
I tried it in the terminal as it is but it didn’t work.

The terminal where you installed ERPNext!?

You need to specify that for us to help you?

When I type “chmod o+x(opt/username)” I get

root@abc-com:~# chmod o+x(opt/username)
bash: syntax error near unexpected token ‘(‘

Copy and paste here the output from ‘ls -al’

You need to run something like:

chmod o+x /opt/bench/

What is your host environment, and what install notes did you use?

I used this video for installation. I am using Ubuntu.

Double-checking also here if anything has changed for the installation in the version 12 before even trying anything. Does anyone know why the github “frappe/bench” content above has label “FAILED” on the top of the installation notes?

See also here Broken styling layout issue - #3 by anandf

I reinstalled it and it was fixed.

Would need to know more, is this a Production or Dev server ?? Cloud Based ? ERPNext also offers a hosted solution as well

Local Server
Using the Open Source version.

I looked all over and can’t seem to find what the initial login is. The video doesn’t “say” anything, but uses “Administrator” as the username and they the guy types a password but I see nothing on what that password is. This is unique to him, as in he created that himself, or there is a default 1st time log in? I tried creating an account from that initial login screen but I put in name and email, no password. Nothing happens, no email. (I have not configured any kind of email service, so unless local SMTP services were part of the DigitalOcean 1-click instance configuration, there is none. That said, I would think there was a default local account that didn’t require SMTP to use.

When you are setting up an ERPNext instance, you are prompted to add administrator password.

This is the password used to log in as admin. If you’ve forgotten it and have server access, you can update the same using:

bench --site <sitename> set-admin-password <password>