[New Feature] Blanket Sales Order and Blanket Purchase Order

Another very important part of these orders is the commitment from the buyer that they will pick up the items within a stipulated time period. Often ,also to ensure that it is done, any discount is applied only after a set number of items are picked up. So we can have a lot of 200 items sent in every delivery but the discount will only apply to the previous supplies after the 1000 pieces have been supplied. Further any supply will have non discounted price till the supply is in multiple of 1000’s.

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Any idea if the Blanket Agreement will be implemented soon?

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Check the v11 feature list, it is a part of it. Here is the link

@Pawan what do you mean when you say “v11 feature list” could you link to that?

I found this slide in the Open Day presentation and it’s actually already in develop branch to be tested.

I just checked out the blanket order feature, thank you for this @rmehta and @ManasSolanki. A small thing I noticed was reported here (Allowing Selection of Draft Blanket Orders · Issue #14675 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub), we will fix this and create a PR.

I did notice a usability issue though. When we have blanket orders we should somehow indicate that to the user in a way that is not just buried deep in the modal of the sales or purchase order item. I don’t know exactly how we should do it but if this item is added to a sales or purchase order respectively it should alert the user.

One way I can think of doing this is by an alert box that say something like “Info: Item XYZ is in the following Blanket Orders” with either just a listing of the Blanket orders or even a listing of Supplier, Blanket Order, Qty, Price, Open Qty. Now since this is not really seen anywhere else in the framework.

We really have to think about this part of how to alert the user and how to make it easy for the user to select the blanket order.

I am also glad it’s called Blanket Order! :sunglasses:

Have added the link in my earlier comment

Hi @dominik You don’t have to select the Blanket Order in the Sales or Purchase Order, if there is a valid Blanket Order for a selected party and item, then the Blanket Order details and pricing will be automatically pulled from the BO in the item child table.

Now giving the alert message box that this Blanket order is set for this item seems not to be a good user experience. If you want to show this message to the user, you can write a custom script for showing the message to the user whenever the blanket order is set.

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