[New Feature Proposal]Barcode scan to create/update records in child table, useful for stock movement and orders

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For fixing the speed issue, local variable is created in the function, reading local variable other than accessing global object’s property via dot(.) operator is more efficient because traversing the prototype chain (mapping table) avoided.

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Hello @szufisher have you been able to submit a pull request yet?

the current approach is to customize the form by adding one dummy barcode field into the target doctype, which is not a neat solution because it created unused field in the backend database, so it is better to just create the dummy barcode field on frontend, need sometime to try.

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@szufisher Any progress with the same?

not ready so far,

pull request created [New Feature]Scan Item Barcode label to quick create/update records in items child table by szufisher · Pull Request #15329 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


Now adding something new , lets suppose a system is working on Serialized Inventory now we dont have barcodes we have serial number , in POS profile it is happening , the current requirement is , one should just keep on scanning the serial numbers which are printed as barcodes and the quantity should keep on increasing instead of scanning the first one and then opening a pop up and adding serial numbers there,

@Muzzammil_Hussain The Scan Barcode field above the child table scans serial no.s as well.

thaks alot

hi. i add this code for another doctype but when i enter barcode in mycode field it throw message
Field not permitted in query: barcode
any solution please?

i added custom field name : mycode
i added child table = name: items
options : sales order item

Hi there. This is really old post. Can you provide a little bit more detail. Which version do you use? Can you post your script?

@TurkerTunali Thank you sir for your response
ERPNext v 13.15
Frappe V13.15
in the Non-profit module in Doctype donation, I added child table like Sales order item.
added a custom field above the child table with name mycode
Now i want to add item in child table through mycode field.
when i enter the barcode in mycode field it should add item in table.
but when i enter barcode in mycode field I get message “Field not permitted in query: barcode”
sir any solution or any other way to achieve this.
i am using this Custom Script


I am also getting the same error while clicking on child table ‘job_order’ link filed system throws “Field not permitted in query: type” Any solution for this guys

I think you have to add a field with name: type

Hello, I have a custom doctype and would like to add the scan barcode feature to populate the child table. I used a client script i got from this forum SAPScript/ERPNext Barcode Scan V2 at master · szufisher/SAPScript · GitHub
But no luck. I am using v14.